Monday, June 1, 2009


Heritage Collection of laminate flooring delivers a unique blend of premium performance, design and selection. This immaculate laminate flooring with its narrow board and beveled edges truly reflects the beauty of hardwood flooring. This is one of the very best in designs for laminate flooring in 2009 offering the pinnacle of technology 4 sided beveled laminate floor with natural wood texture, lifetime warranty and megalock glueless installation system. All of this from Builders Depot Direct at the Lowest Possible Price.

Who is Builders Depot Direct?
Builders Depot is one of the largest superstores online. The Builders Depot Direct concept was founded in 1999 as a one-stop shop for consumers and businesses.

Using the latest Internet technology, combined with our commitment to customer service, Builders Depot is dedicated to helping it's customers save time and money by having access to an incredible selection of domestic and international products.

Builders Depot Direct brings together one of the largest selections of products from around the world, allowing our customers to buy online, at the speed of the Internet. We sell products you see at Home Depot or Lowe's at a fraction of the cost - our commitment is first class customer service and the lowest possible price.

Why Builders Depot Direct?
With Builders Depot Direct you save time and money on top quality products because you are buying them at manufacturer-direct prices. Our strategy is the same 'lowest possible price' regardless of small or large orders. One mosaic or one hundred each order is the same price and cared and packed for in the same manner.

Satisfied customers all over North America have helped us become one of the fastest growing building products companies in the world.

What do we stand for?
At Builders Depot we believe in taking a moment out of the day-to-day chaos to focus on the future of the Building Materials Industry. We want to focus on what makes us special and how that fits into our customers needs and maybe even makes the world a little better – at Builders Depot we want to focus ourselves on lower costs, less waste and more efficiency then take those savings and pass it along to our customers.

At Builders Depot we have figured out who we are and what our reason for being is, we have found our niche a place where we can thrive. Builders Depot is willing to push the limits examine the industry and take the business where it gets a little uncomfortable for our competitors.

Our business will operate on:

And honesty

At Builders Depot we stand for ‘The highest Quality Products at the Lowest Possible Price’ we stand for this and with this we stand out.


Classen has four main collections:
  • Classen Style World
  • Classen Fun World
  • Classen Trend World
  • Classen Premium World

Style World is simple and ingenious, Classen Style World lives up to its name. In this collection, you will find select high-quality finishes with a flooring thickness of seven millimeters. However, the real sensation is the novel Classen megaloc glue free installation system which is intrinsic to all Classen brand laminate flooring and which has virtually revolutionized the installation process. A floor has never before been laid so incredibly quickly and simply. Floors in the Classen Style World range have a finely textured structure and are recommended for private residential use, featuring utilization class AC3.

OTHER DOMESTIC MANUFACTURES WILL MAKE 7MM FOR BREAKEVEN. It is the workhorse of the Classen collection and comparable to any of the other 7mm laminate flooring products in the USA. The difficulty Classen has with this line is that 7mm is a product made by the giant European laminate flooring factories, like our line of Kronotex 7mm. For Classen to make this and then ship efficiently into the USA and then be affordable is a huge problem.

The obstacle of the larger competitors or the breakeven USA factories (US factories will run 7mm laminate at $0.50SF to just breakeven to do/make something) makes the Classen 7mm rarely seen in the USA and with an average price tag of $1.49SF for 7mm, you can see why.

CLASSEN COST BASE TOO HIGH TO COMPETITVE ON 7MM. Their cost base is just too high, shipping, storage, USA employees – it all takes its toll on the manufacturer. So they can push the brand to try and get a higher price point, but all that goes back to marketing laminate 101 – the Chicken & the Egg.

. How can you get a better price point in the USA? Create a known and recognized brand. For example a name like Pergo, who are synonymous with laminate flooring, they of course really started the process but invest a millions into their brand.

Why does Pergo invest millions into their brand, because they can then charge a higher price per square foot, as their ultimately be more demand for the name Pergo and the product, economics 101 demand & supply.

However it is too late for our friends at Classen and I would argue that it is too late for any company other than Pergo to create a ‘stand alone’ brand name laminate in the USA. The product itself continues to be offered cheaper and cheaper – the cost per square foot is getting lower. Worst of the entire consumer market is gaining more knowledge, the brand of laminate is not like a car, guests to your house will not know your laminate is a Pergo when it is on the floor, so why pay $2SF for 7mm from Pergo, just pay $0.75SF from Kronotex and forgo the fancy box, just make sure you get the look you want.

Back to Classen, their 7mm range is extensive almost 30SKU’s or different product colors, this is more additional cost. The more colors you offer the more ‘d├ęcor paper’ you have to carry. This needs to be specially stored and is always from a 3rd party.

To approach the USA Classen needs to focus on six colors, six colors that the US consumer will like and only like you do not want them to love it, because you really want the consumer to upgrade and buy the 10mm or 12mm laminate.

That is the key, get the interest and then up sell, the difference between a 7mm to an 8mm narrow board, random plank, beveled laminate is no comparison – the 8mm will look far better, but you will pay more.


The Classen Group employs more than 1,000 people and has been a European supplier of wood and timber building materials for more than 35 years. The company entered the laminate flooring market in 1996. The main production facility in Kaisersesch, Germany, produces laminate flooring (220 million square feet per year), wall and ceiling panels, construction frameworks and battens. With the completion of a new factory this February, near Berlin, the total laminate manufacturing capacity will be more than 430 million square feet annually.

Classen Industries GmbH in Baruth was officially opened on 12th July 2002. Classen Industries GmbH comprises an area of 39,000 m² and has a production capacity of over 20 million square meters of laminate flooring per year. This puts Classen in the ideal position for further development of the opening Eastern European markets and distribution into the growing USA market.

Classen USA LLC was launched in mid-2000 in response to the growing demand for laminate flooring in the North American market. Sales for Classen USA in 2001 were $10 million.

The Classen Group produces high quality wood and wood based products for internal applications. In the market for Laminate flooring CLASSEN is the third largest producer in the world. Here central to our product development process are the DIY companies and their customers. The success of our products is closely connected with its quality and this is in turn connected to our goal, to keep our customers and products at the forefront of their respective fields.